Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You already are what you seek.

The most important that thing you can do is to free yourself from the tyranny of the mind.

Create a relationship with mind from the Witness state.

Observe that thinking is just happening.

Know that you are far greater than this incessant noise.

Let your mind off the hook.

It's good at a lot of things.

But not so good at being wise.

Understand that it is just some very complicated biological software trying to do it's job.

It's programming is fear based, it's task is to survive at all cost.

Reboot and give it a break.

You are not this software, this indoctrinated self.

When faced with unpleasant thoughts or emotions, simply observe them.

Soon this addiction to thinking will subside.

What will be left?

Presence, clarity, free attention, awareness, joy, peace.

All of this is already there, it's just masked by the noise of the False Self.

Turn down the volume and relax into the moment.

Just breathe and remember to be here now.

Just breathe and remember that you are not separate from anything. 

You are the knowing presence within which says "I AM".

Repeat this "I AM" to yourself often. 

Soon you will experience the subtle Reality of all existence as Oneness in the moment Now.

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