Saturday, April 4, 2009

A friend recently express concern that if one follows the path of non duality that "they would disappear". ...that there might be nothing left of the person...that they would lose themselves and become ineffectual and insignificant. So to answer the question about the disappearing (wo)man...and what might he/she choose...ponder this dear friend. 

For one to imagine creation one must hold the belief that he or she is a person. 

In reality you are indescribable being animating existence in form as now. 

If you want to believe that you need to create love, compassion, forgiveness, friends, money, comfort, etc...then there needs to be a person identified with its body and mind operating with beliefs. 

This is just a mind thinking it needs something...why not consider you already are everything you seek. From this place there is no "person" no doer operating with concepts and beliefs. It is only the mind that tells us we are separate from love, money, friends, forgiveness, compassion, etc. and that we NEED these people, things or states in order to be happy.

This is an illusion created by beliefs (mind) that we are separate individuals with wants and needs. Granted there is a body and a mind but ask yourself, how could I be that? Simply know that what you ARE survives the body and the mind and be present to THAT in this moment now.

All else is illusion.

Since when has anything that you have ever created been enough? Playing creator in the world of form is fine, but Form is only temporal. Ultimately, being whatever you want to be just becomes more ego.

Indeed become the disappearing wo(man) yourself from the belief that you are your thoughts, your body and your mind.

What you "need" will come, what you don't "need" will leave. Let go of doership and just BE.


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