Friday, April 10, 2009

In the world of form you are a person with a body and a mind.

You were taught by your parents, relatives, friends, the institutions and schools you attended, TV, and the culture you live in, to accept the story of you and everything else as reality. 

But have you ever considered that you are not that story?

Have you ever considered that what you are is what animates all existence?

Observe the world of form and all the stories of this world as the minds attempt to gain control over it's surroundings and "others".

Realize that time, the past and the future, "other" and all your concepts and beliefs were created by those who preceded you. 

Realize we just made it all up.

Wake up from the dream of your story.

Be in the NOW without attachment.

Embrace the NOW and everything in it, including form, time, past and future, the story of the world, yourself and other with compassion.

Breathe into the dream and release yourself from the limitation of the story of now and just experience now as a free being, as the essence of all that is. 

This essence was never born and will never die.

This is your true nature.

This is reality.


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