Monday, April 6, 2009

Religion, organizations, countries, civilizations, actually groups of any kind, require a shared need for their existence.

We form and are attracted to groups because of a need for support, comfort and community.

Often with groups we are seeking answers and an identity.

And yet, notice how there is always a certain diminishment of Self associated with groups.

It's as if what we seek by "joining" a group, aligns our attention with the group instead of with our own Essence in this moment now. 

Groups are necessary for many, I would say most of us, until the notion of seeking subsides.

When one fully realizes that he or she is already THAT which is sought, the identity associated with the body and mind weakens it's hold. 

Until this happens the ego is always looking for an opportunity to seek love, attention and approval from others. 

This pseudo approval from the group will only last as long as you remain willing to align with the group identity. Threaten the group identity and see how long you are allowed to remain.

Of course it is impossible to expect love, approval, attention, security, etc. from others, much less consistently experience it.

But until Awareness is centered in the moment and witnesses the body mind as a temporal aspect of NOW, there will be a tendency for ego to create a structure (group) where it can be fed.

Groups of human beings banding together have accomplished amazing and positive things. But notice why did you join them? Was it to "serve" the World in some way. Was it for the greater good? Was it for money? Or was it for the love, attention and approval from "others" in the group? 

It was probably a combination of all of those aspects.

Group identities are still working at the level duality. "Us and them". "The world needs us". "I need the world to be a better place", "We have the answer". etc.

This is ultimately why all groups and eventually movements fail.

They are based on the thought that we are separate, on duality and this is unreal. 

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