Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When we are children, before we are fully socialized, the mind is in a more fluid, open and receptive state.

The Absolute, our True Nature is still present and intact.  

We are still connected to our source, and less concerned with the body, the past or the future.

Most of us as children, remain more fully in the now and live as spontaneous expression of the moment.

My first "conscious experience" of my True Nature occurred during an incident when I was six years old.

My mother had asked me to "take care" of my little brother while we were playing in an open common area behind our apartment. My little brother was four and I was holding his hand while we walked together in the play area. My mother had stepped into the apartment for a few minutes and left me alone with my brother Neal. 

This was 1959 in rural Texas, back in the days when we lived with a sense of relative safety. No one locked their doors, everyone knew each other and each others kids. Kids were left alone in the yard to play. 

A new family had moved into a nearby apartment. The father was a cop and he had a son who was around ten years old. That particular morning this neighbor, the ten year old son of the cop decided to take his fathers revolver from it's holster and walk outside with it. When he saw Neal and I in the play area he walked up to us holding the gun behind his back. As he approached us, "I" sensed that something was wrong.  The boy stopped about two feet from us and leveled the gun at my head and said "I'm going to shoot you!" At this point the most curious thing happened. "I" became incredibly calm. My mind stopped, my breath became steady. I stepped in front of my little brother with absolutely no fear and told the boy from some place in me that I had never experienced in consciousness before, " You are not going to shoot us", and then I said " That isn't even a real gun," even though I knew that it was a real gun. I could clearly see the bullets in the revolver's chamber.

The boy seemed confused. He didn't say a word. Time had stopped and from a very present and focused place I just stood there, standing in front of my little brother. I was in complete stillness and fearlessness, there was nothing in me but presence. The boy lowered the gun and walked away.

This was my first experience in consciousness of Presence. This was the first time "I" witnessed the moment from my True Nature. This was my first experience in the body with a mind as Stillness, present in the moment as Now.

I never forgot that moment. That experience remained in my consciousness. It was my first conscious realization of the Absolute as it expresses in form.

As I matured and had more experiences, I realized this Presence as our natural state. 

Our True Nature.

This state was never born, and it cannot die. 

This is the Absolute as it animates form in all existence.

There is nothing to fear. 



  1. I <3 this.
    It isolates times in my left when I've felt this way...
    which makes it easier to take my "true nature" out in each and every moment.

  2. That was an incredible story about you and your brother. It so perfectly illustrates our true selves.