Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Simply it is the False Self.

Obsessed with the past or the future it's main purpose is to survive.

This movement of ego is the seeker. 

It seeks love, attention and approval.

It competes with, or attacks, and destroys anything that threatens it's prime objective.

This is the root cause of all suffering.

The construct of the False Self is based on the illusion of separation.

The dismantling of identification with the False Self as who you are is the most important task you can undertake.

Be earnest about this.

Be still and ask yourself... "How could this be me?"

The irony is the prime objective of the False Self ultimately ALWAYS results in "failure".

We all know this.

You can free yourself from this wheel of suffering if you are earnest.

Remember your True Nature and realize you are not your mind. 

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