Sunday, October 4, 2009

The great masters, teachers, seers and saints, the enlightened ones, those beings who found the way to realisation of their True Nature, have spoken with one voice and one message. 

The simple and yet profound truth to "love one another" was their call. 

What then does this mean, to love one another, and why after 10,000 years of civilization do we experience so much suffering?

Have "we" failed to understand and integrate the wisdom of our hearts?

You might want to ponder how in your own life you love, and more importantly find the courage to admit that you only "love" when you are "getting" what you want from your object of love or from the situation you find yourself in. Notice how you abandon love and what or who you love when you don't get what you want. 

Feel the suffering caused when we objectify ourselves and others for "love".

You might want to consider the possibility that you are too afraid to love, or filled with so much desire for love that love has become a thing to you.

So then, what is love? 

Is love something you do, or feel or give?

Is it something you share? 

Is it something you experience?

You might say yes to all of those "aspects" of love, but in actuality the answer to those questions cannot be answered from our conventional understanding of love.

Our indoctrinated beliefs about love gives you ownership of love but in truth there is no "you" that loves.

There is no object of love.  

There is only love.

Love is a word we use that really describes what wasn't born and what cannot die. 

Love is the essence of all existence, the field of being. 

Love is the space that holds everything, and even that which holds space is love.

Love is prior to our consciousness and love is after our consciousness leaves.

Before you "knew" who you were, you were love. 

After you forget who you are, you will still be love.

You then might want to ask the simple question, "who am I"  or better yet "what am I" ?

Seeking the answer from stillness and from within you might find the answer that you're not a person, nor a body, or a mind. No longer identified with the mind and body you can experience the realization that you are not your thoughts or your feelings. 

Understanding that you were not born nor will you die you may see that you are not your past, nor do you have a future and that you're not your personality. Nor are you your failures or your accomplishments and you're not what you own or what you do. 

How you love, or not, has nothing to do with you, nor who you love, or who loves you back.

Because what love is has nothing to do with "you" or "them" or "her" or "him". 

You see that's the problem with love. 

As long as we believe that we are the "doer" of love we will create only suffering. 

To "love one another" might be better understood as "to experience one another as your true self", which of course is love. 

However, this has nothing to do with "other" as form. 

There can be no separation, when form is understood as just the dance and play of our creation. 

There can be no attachment, or fear, or withholding with the realization that separateness is only an illusion. Desire for love, appreciation and approval vanishes when one realises that there is no other to love, because the other is simply love manifesting in form. Other is actually a result of our imagination. It's just a mental construct, a projection of our own identification with our body and mind. 

Granted, finding someone to love is a pursuit and belief that we have all agreed to, but I ask you, has that EVER really worked for you? What is our common bond? What are we really looking for?

"Finding" someone to love is an interesting concept. Sometimes there is an appearance of happiness here, but does this last? Can this idea that we need each other in this way be more than just a concept. Look around you, look at the world, look at yourself, the answer is no.

I'm not suggesting that form is not to be enjoyed, but it will never fully satisfy because to identify with form can only create possession or rejection of form which always results in suffering.

Find the willingness to see what you really are. 

Go beyond gender, race and age. 

Go beyond form and identification and fascination with the body.

Go beyond form and reside as the Source of all that is. 

From here love is experienced as freedom, spaciousness, kindness, peace, compassion, acceptance. 

From here, there is no story. there is only love.

And this is our True Nature.

The truth about Love is that Love wants nothing, because it already is everything and being everything this includes "you" as love.

You are this and from this awareness one can finally be love and find a peace that is beyond understanding.


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