Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quantum Physics has proven that everything is a bundle of atoms, electrons and neutrons and other sub atomic particles swirling about in space. 

Even light which appears formless has particles that can be measured.

Electromagnetic fields permeate the entire physical universe and everything in it.

There is no doubt that at the physical level everything is made of the same stuff.

Within the physical laws of form, there is nothing that does not share this basic relationship as form.

This great cosmic soup is our physical home. 

It is all connected, indeed it is all the same thing.

How then does the appearance of separation within this form occur?

It occurs in the mind.

Our minds trick us into believing that you and I are separate from one another. That we are separate from everything.

At the physical level there is a body, there "appears" to be a body in space and time.

The mind identifies with the body, and with it's thoughts and says "This is I".

We are all indoctrinated from birth to be body mind identified.

But is this who and what you really are? 

What is it that "leaves" the body at death? What is it that animates this form and all form?

Observe the physical world and ask the question. "Who Am I? What Am I?"

"Who" is asking this question?

You may find that the answer is simply "I AM".

You may realize that you are everything and nothing occurring simultaneously and experiencing existence in form as Now.

Self Realization is this. 

From Self Realization the mind is witnessed as consciousness and understood as merely an aspect of human form.

That which is prior to consciousness, which is simply non identified Awareness, is what "you" are.

And THAT which is prior to consciousness, and even prior to Awareness, which was never born and will never die is your true nature, the "I Am", which is free from time, free from death and free from identification with form.

Realize this and experience Now as what you really are.


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  1. You laid it out Amigo! Thank you-big respect!

    One Love